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I Owe Material Back Taxes

Since the Wayfair decision came into effect in June 2018, E-commerce companies and remote sellers alike have had to juggle the sales tax nightmare. Some states enacted Economic Nexus laws prior to June 2018; many announced similar laws almost right away; and yet others were late to the party.

As such, depending on when you met the Economic Nexus thresholds, you may owe material back taxes where a simple sales tax registration may not suffice. As part of a due diligence exercise (internal audit, acquisition, merger), a VDA or voluntary disclosure agreement may be the only way to truly ensure you are compliant – historically and moving forward. The two primary advantages to performing a VDA are limiting the look-back period to state statute (3 to 4 Years) and abating penalty.

For additional information, please see our VDA FAQ



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Fill out the 1-page Engagement Letter for VDA.

HOST will submit the anonymous VDA letter to the state(s) for approval.

Once the letter is accepted, HOST will work with the state to finalize taxes due.

HOST will register your Company and pay your historical back taxes to be tax compliant.