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Not Sure Where to Start with Sales Tax Registrations?

We are sales tax experts here at HOST and have submitted more than 50,000 sales tax registrations for businesses all over the world, over the past 20 years!

With HOST’s help, sales tax doesn’t have to be a hassle. With HOST’s sales tax registration service you can:

  • Save time – Get your weekend back to do what you want to do. The HOST process makes sales tax registration truly hands-off. The only thing needed is all your company information and the states you need to register in. HOST will register for you and then provide you with the login credentials for each state.
  • Save money – Incorrect or failure to register for sales tax could create costly penalty fees. HOST offers this service for much less than the competitors.
  • Peace of mind – HOST has a team of experts ready to register your sales tax and answer any questions. HOST owns the process and will ensure you registration is correct and on time.

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