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I May Owe Back Taxes

E-commerce companies and remote sellers alike with material sales/transactions may no longer have the option to simply register for sales tax as a result of back-tax liability where penalties alone range from 15% to 30%.

We can examine your sales data by state to determine where you have met Economic Nexus. We can calculate the total back taxes for those states to determine total liabilities and make recommendations. (The Nexus Exposure Review includes the Nexus Analysis.)

For additional information, please see our Nexus Exposure Review FAQ

How Can HOST Help?

HOST can help you avoid further penalties with back taxes by helping to identify what is currently owed. Your “HOST” will review your business and provide an analysis of your historical nexus. This will:

  • Help your business avoid any further penalties.
  • Continue to stay compliant.
  • Give you peace of mind.


Complete an initial call with a HOST representative.

Fill out the 1-page Engagement Letter for Nexus Exposure Review.

Submit your Sales Revenue and Associated Transactions by State from 2017 (if applicable) to Present.

We will review your data to calculate back tax liability (including penalty and interest) for states where you have Nexus.

We will deliver a Nexus Exposure Report and recommend action (sales tax registration, VDA, etc.). This delivery will either by a report or a debreifing meeting (upon request).

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