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HOST Managed Service – TaxJar

TaxJar is great for tax calculations and as an automated returns solution, but that doesn’t fully check the box on the sales tax compliance burden your business faces. If you are looking to become 100% Hands Off Sales Tax, simply schedule time with us to discuss having HOST manage your TaxJar account.

HOST has been a customer-obsessed sales tax support firm since 1999, and we look forward to partnering with your business so you can focus on Sales, not Sales Tax.

Full-Service / Sales Tax as a Service®

Sales Tax is nuanced and software solutions are not enough. HOST Managed Service is the industry’s only Sales Tax as a Service®. We work with TaxJar customers to provide ongoing compliance monitoring & management in an ever-evolving sales tax landscape. HOST understands and manages the gaps software leaves open, so you don’t have to. 

Filing Management

TaxJar does not AutoFile Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Missouri, so HOST fills the gap and files those returns as needed. HOST manages your AutoFile enrollments each month to ensure all returns are filed on time. We will send a pre-filing summary every month before your TaxJar AutoFilings transmit.

Dedicated “HOST”

We’ve been 100% focused on Sales Tax since 1999. With HOST you’ll have the industry-leading customer support team in your back pocket. Reach out anytime with any sales tax questions.

Simple Pricing

For a low fixed monthly fee, your business will enjoy peace of mind, accuracy and risk mitigation for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Notice Management

HOST eliminates notice-induced stress by managing notices from the states to ensure continued compliance. HOST has you fully covered.

Nexus Monitoring / Registrations

HOST monitors your nexus, can register your business in the appropriate jurisdictions, and takes care of the incremental AutoFile enrollments. Our team also renews your sales tax licenses as needed. We ensure continued compliance to save your business time and money. HOST has you fully covered.

Variance & Liability Monitoring

To ensure continued compliance and accuracy, HOST proactively monitors your TaxJar account for tax collection variances and for states in which your business may be unnecessarily collecting taxes.

Audit Management

Audits can and will happen. When a state comes knocking, HOST stands ready to manage any state sales tax audits as needed.

“HOST has been an absolute savior for our team. Being a three person team that does more than seven figures a year in sales, the sales tax environment can easily get overwhelming for us. HOST does an awesome job of dealing with each state and their individual picky rules to figure out all of the registration and filing details for us. When combined with TaxJar, we are able to completely be hands off with the sales tax tasks at hand. As fun as all of it sounds, I couldn’t be more grateful that my team and I are able to focus on our areas of expertise in providing value for our customers instead of trying to figure out how to jump through the hoops of the tax code. Special shout out to their team which has been amazing to work with and has personally made my life a lot easier through all of this!”

Paul Jackson, Co-Founder

Animalhouse Fitness

Let Us Handle Managing Your Sales Tax Software

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