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Dropshipping Certified

Obtain Resale Certificates for Your Dropshipping Business


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Download Dynamically Generated Resale Certificates


$25 per month  or   $275 per year

Download resale certificates with no cap.

Add ALL of your vendors and generate resale certificates dynamically.

Generate resale certificates for all states.

Provide blanket resale certificates when appropriate.

Rely on HOST’s research-backed application to do the heavy lifting for you.

Avoid costly penalties and overpaying vendors.

Still paying your vendors sales tax? HOST will help protect your bottom line.

In the United States, sales tax is paid by the end user. As a business owner, you should not be paying tax on items on you are reselling. If your wholesaler is charging you sales tax, you are losing money.


“Dropshipping Certified met my exact needs – a resale certificate generator that didn’t force me to register in every state and unlimited downloads for only $25/month. It is simple to use, and I was downloading my certificates within minutes.”

Jake from Secure Centric INC