About Us

Our Hands Have Been On Sales Tax For 25 Years

Co-Founded in 1999 by Mike Espenshade, HOST (Hands Off Sales Tax) has been solely focused on sales tax services.

Our consultants work directly with small and medium sized ecommerce businesses and financial service partners that need a helping hand managing changing sales tax requirements.

In 2018, the world of sales tax completely changed for ecommerce based businesses with the introduction of economic nexus which requires ecommerce and remote sellers to register and collect sales tax in additional states after hitting thresholds which vary by state. HOST meets the growing demands of ecommerce companies and remote sellers alike that need a one-stop Sales Tax as a Service®!

Through our parent company, TaxMatrix, we have helped some of the largest companies in North America manage their sales tax requirements. And now we’re bringing those services and our 20+ years of experience to small ecommerce based businesses. We pride ourselves on continuing to provide crucial services to small ecommerce businesses as the tax industry develops.

Are you looking for a partner to outsource the filing of your sales tax returns? Do you have Nexus woes and need assistance with filing sales tax registrations? Are you an entrepreneur seeking advice before taking the leap into ecommerce? Are you unsure about the taxability of your product or service? HOST has you covered so that you can keep your hands on your business.

our Leadership

Mike Espenshade

Co-Founder & President


Kyle Morgan

VP of Operations


Joe Polakowski

Head of Product


our Core Values

  1. Efficiency and Accountability – We cultivate synergy. We all work together in a clearly outlined process, with each team member pitching in. We all know that our collective efforts are greater than the sum of what we could do for our clients individually.  
  2. Listening Clearly, Advising Clearly – Sales tax is a pain point. We feel the weight of giving the correct advice on a difficult topic. In understanding that we’re often not the most popular meeting of the day, we listen carefully, aren’t shy about asking clarifying questions, and empathize with our clients during difficult times.  
  3. Doing the Right Thing – We conduct ourselves with integrity because doing the right thing has always been in our blood for our entire 25 years in operation. We show up to work each day with that purpose in mind and all of the work that we do has doing the right thing as the backdrop. We are honest with our clients, ourselves and each other–no matter how tough the conversation might be.  
  4. Staying Kind, Calm and Confident – We communicate and interact professionally, with no tolerance for drama. Conflicts are resolved quickly and fairly, without having the chance to grow. We are fulfilled in our work and conduct ourselves with a smile, because we know kindness, calmness and confidence is always the right way to tackle a difficult problem.  
  5. Embracing a Growth Mindset – We understand that, in order to grow, we must aim to learn something new every day. We aim every day to grow in our sales tax expertise, our usefulness as a company, our service to our customers, and as human beings. 



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