Top 10 E-Commerce Sales Tax Mistakes

Sales Tax Mistakes

We’ve been helping e-commerce sellers with their sales tax since most people only knew “e-commerce” as “eBay.”

Since starting out in 1999, we’ve seen (and solved!) every version of sales tax mistakes e-commerce sellers tend to make. 

And because we keep seeing the same mistakes crop up over and over again, we quizzed our colleagues and came up with this list to help you determine if you’re letting an important component of e-commerce sales tax fall through the cracks. 

Never fear! Most of these mistakes are fixable. Some you can do yourself, though others might require experts at your side. Some are a little more dire. Sales tax mistakes can make a potential business buyer back out. The most dire mistakes can even end with a trip downtown in handcuffs. (Yikes. See Mistake #10.) 

We hope this list will help you ensure our business is 100% sales tax compliant. If after going over the “Top 10 Mistakes E-Commerce Businesses Make” you find that you need a little help, just contact us today.

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