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Free Sales Tax Software Review

Use TaxJar, Avalara or other software? You may be overpaying sales tax

If it’s not set up correctly, sales tax automation software:

  • Treats non-taxable sales (food/supplements/clothing) as taxable, causing you to pay sales tax out of pocket
  • Files wholesale sales as taxable when it comes time to pay
  • Even double taxes you if you’ve connected an incompatible combination of carts and financial accounts

You could be overpaying sales tax as often as monthly if your sales tax automation isn’t properly set up. Catch these mistakes before they botch your bottom line.

For 25 years, HOST has been helping e-commerce sellers ensure they collect, file and pay the right amount of sales tax every time.

HOST’s Free Sales Tax Software Review will:

Evaluate your sales tax software account

Check for common software mistakes

Make concrete suggestions you can implement today to ensure that you aren’t overpaying sales tax

In many cases, right-size your account so you are not overpaying TaxJar, Avalara or another sales tax software

Ready for a Free Sales Tax Software Review?

You Handle the Sales, We Handle the Tax.