Become a HOST Partner

If you are looking to solve your client’s sales tax needs without taking on any of the burden, please connect with us. We partner with CPA firms, e-Commerce bookkeepers/ advisors and tax software providers, both domestically and internationally. Partnering with HOST allows you to:

  • Connect your clients with a trusted team of sales tax experts
  • Deliver more value to your clients at no risk
  • Earn incremental, recurring revenue
  • Receive warm introductions to clients for your services
  • Focus on what you do best

If you are interested in becoming a HOST Partner and learning about revenue sharing opportunities, please contact us today!






“Working with HOST was the smartest move we could have made. What seemed like an intimidating project, complex, difficult to comprehend, turned to be the opposite with their help. With their team of professionals with excellent communication skills, they helped us navigate through the process. All my questions were always addressed promptly and respectfully. Highly recommend their services”

Jose Orozco, Operations Manager

The Shutterstore

The HOST team makes us feel like our tax concerns are in good hands. Their team is extremely responsive and is happy to answer any questions we have. They are great! We’ll be sure to use them in 2022!

Erin Vanderveldt, Head of Finance & Marketing

Empowering a Billion Women

“HOST has been an absolute savior for our team. Being a three person team that does more than seven figures a year in sales, the sales tax environment can easily get overwhelming for us. HOST does an awesome job of dealing with each state and their individual picky rules to figure out all of the registration and filing details for us. When combined with TaxJar, we are able to completely be hands off with the sales tax tasks at hand. As fun as all of it sounds, I couldn’t be more grateful that my team and I are able to focus on our areas of expertise in providing value for our customers instead of trying to figure out how to jump through the hoops of the tax code. Special shout out to their team which has been amazing to work with and has personally made my life a lot easier through all of this!”

Paul Jackson, Co-Founder

Animalhouse Fitness

“Like many of you, we’ve crossed Nexus in a handful of other states. I thought I could easily register for all of the sales permits myself and remit my own sales tax but I got myself into a big, ugly sales tax mess. Luckily, the folks over at HOST dug me out of the hole I made and got me paid up, registered, and successfully Autofiled into TaxJar for all of the states I have Nexus in! Now everything is automated and I hardly spend any time worrying about my sales tax or nexus issues. My only regret is not using HOST from the beginning. 5 stars!”

Kenny Azama, Founder

The Wander Club